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The 4 Best Types of Vending Machine Snacks for Kids

The 4 Best Types of Vending Machine Snacks for Kids

We’ve all been there at some point, right?  You’re out and about with the kids and you either didn’t bring enough food with you, or are out longer than expected.  Sometimes a vending machine is all that’s available, and purchasing something to curb their hunger is a better option than having them complain until you make it home.  Thankfully, more and more machines are being stocked with healthier alternatives, and in some locations there are vending machines dedicated to only healthy snacks (woohoo!).


Healthy Vending Machine Choices for Kids


If you’re faced with choosing something from a vending machine, here are our top 4 options to look out for:


  1. Nut or seed mixes – Full of healthy fats, fibre, and protein, these crunchy treats can help quell hunger until you're able to enjoy your next real meal. Most vending machines will have a couple of nuts/seed varieties to choose from, just avoid the overly salted varieties.
  2. Dried fruit – It’s becoming more common to find small packs of sultanas, apricots, dried apples and figs in machines now. Grab one for a reasonable snack that most kids would eat.
  3. Plain popcorn – Opt for the most plain, or lightly salted, variety for a satisfying high-fibre snack.
  4. Nut or muesli bars – Choose the most natural looking one available, without extra chocolate or yoghurt on it which adds to the sugar content.


And when it comes to drinks when you’re out and about or travelling, always go with water to keep you all hydrated.  A small real-fruit juice would be ok, but be aware of how much sugar is in them (and most vending machine juices are not going to be real juice!).  As a parent it goes without saying that you probably want to avoid dramatic spikes in the kids’ blood sugar levels from giving them sugary treats right before jumping on a long distance flight.  Your fellow passengers will thank you too!


I’d be very interested to know what healthy options you’ve found in vending machines in your travels.  Where were they and what was the range like?



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