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Sinchies Less Mess Soft Silicone Lids - 2 Pack

Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Pouches

These less mess soft silicone lids for Sinchies pouches are the perfect solution to less messy meal times. 


They're a must have for independent little ones that like to feed themselves!


A soft silicone spout top, which helps to regulate the flow of food which means babies can feed themselves without making a mountain of mess and mums don’t have to worry about their little one squeezing out all their delicious home made food, that they’ve spent hours preparing!


Available in a pack of 2, which come in a reusable Sinchies snack bag (storage pouch)

Prevents spills, and little ones gains independence!  These fit both the 150ml and 200ml Sinchies reusable pouches.


How to use

  • Use: Simply push the less mess soft silicone lid firmly over the top of the spout and you’re ready to go!
  • Care:  Wash with warm soapy water before and after use. Dishwasher safe, in the cutlery draw. You can also use the little teat brush on the end of our cleaning brushes to clean the nozzle properly
  • Caution: To prevent choking hazards, check the valve frequently for tears. Inspect before each use and discard when worn or damaged. Do not leave children unattended with this product. Never use this pouch top as a dummy or a chew toy. 


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