Our Story

Adventure Snacks began as a dream to create a range of kid-friendly food products which would be enjoyed by the whole family and didn't contain all the refined sugar and preservatives typically found in baking mixes and snack foods.  Our range of products are convenient but still look and taste like homemade, because they are!




That’s me, Tracey - founder of Adventure Snacks, partner to Mick, and mum to my gorgeous boy Oscar who happens to be the inspiration and driving force behind starting the business.  You see, after I had Oscar in 2012 everything changed.  When you have a child your whole outlook on life changes, and suddenly I found myself hyper-aware of the food I was feeding him.  I am, after all, responsible for ensuring he grows up to be as healthy as possible.  I couldn't bear the thought of filling him up on processed foods packed full of refined sugar and preservatives so I started to look for alternatives - things that were healthy but also convenient.


As he grew into a toddler I got used to hearing the phrase ‘I want a snack’ A LOT.  And so the quest began to find an assortment of snacks which were reasonably nutritious, but also easy to pack into his bag and eat on the run.  I started looking up recipes for healthy baked goods and found I hardly ever had everything I needed in the pantry, but the packet mixes on supermarket shelves had little to no nutrition – not ideal for a growing boy...  And so hatched the idea that I could create 'packet mixes' for all the people out there who, like me, are conscious of what their family eats but also needed an option which didn’t involve juggling an armful of ingredients while being pulled in every direction by an energetic toddler!


I have worked hard to come up with these products and I plan to add more to the range in the near future.  This is only the beginning – my mission to educate people on what they are eating will continue, alongside creating new products which find the balance between convenient and healthy.  Life is one big adventure made up of many small adventures and Adventure Snacks will help provide just the fuel you need to enjoy the journey!


Adventure Snacks Organic Baking Mixes