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Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches - 80ml

Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Pouches

 Tired of paying high prices for supermarket yoghurt or fruit squeezies? Now you can make your own food at home or buy bulk nutritious yoghurt and dispense it into these awesome reusable food pouches.


Home-made goodness with store bought convenience! You can monitor exactly what goes into the pouch, ensuring your children receive optimum nutrition that is free from preservatives, sugars or additives.


Due to high demand and requests by Sinchies fans, Sinchies have designed an 80ml reusable top spout pouch which is the perfect serve size of yoghurt and baby food for the weaning stage!

With the recent “baby shark” craze, these are going to have your babies and kids eating healthy homemade goodness with no mess and no fuss!


No bowl or spoon needed, although we do have awesome screw on spoons for the weaning stage, and a brilliant less mess silicone lid which definitely helps those independent kiddies!

  • Pack of 10x reusable pouches
  • Capacity: 80ml
  • Width: 9cm
  • Height: 19cm (including spout)

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