10 Kid-friendly Wrap Filling Ideas for the Lunchbox

Are your kids bored of the same old sandwiches in their lunchbox? Wraps are a great alternative to freshen up school lunches. They’re easy to make, add variety and some extra nutrition too!

I’ve shared 10 of my favourite wrap filling ideas to help inspire your school lunches.

Tips for making wraps kid-friendly

Firstly, your wrap fillings don’t need to be over complicated. Use familiar foods and flavours you know your kids like. I love The Lunch Punch Silicone Wrap Bands for holding wraps together, making it easier for little hands. They feature a fun star lock close too - just to add a little extra fun to the lunchbox!

Most kids prefer their wraps simple! A leaky, messy wrap isn’t going to be easy to gobble down before running off to play in the playground. Wrap’d are a uniquely designed reusable silicone holder, working like peeling a banana! No more losing the filling from the bottom of your wrap!

When it comes to folding the wrap, make sure your fillings are in the middle and you fold in the left, right and the bottom of the wrap as tightly as you can.

My 10 favourite wrap filling ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to filling your wraps! You can always mix and match these ideas, use them to inspire you to come with your own favourite combinations.

  1. Ham and cheese
    Keep it simple! If you have a picky eater, this is a great way to experiment with slightly different foods. Can you try grated cheese instead of sliced?

  2. Chicken and salad
    Add a little protein to the lunchbox with some crumbed or roasted chicken. I make this combination for myself too!

  3. Avocado, lettuce and chicken
    If you have an avocado lover - this is the wrap for you!

  4. Cream cheese, ham and carrot
    A good combination to add some vegetables into the lunchbox by adding them into a fun wrap.

  5. Egg and lettuce
    I’ve always loved a good egg and lettuce sandwich - and guess what? It’s just as yummy as a wrap!

  6. Salami, capsicum, tomato and cheese - pizza wrap!
    A pizza flavoured wrap - yes please!

  7. Tuna, spinach and mayo
    Tuna is a great source of protein. You could use avocado as another option here too.

  8. Grilled chicken and cucumber
    This combination is great if you have some leftover chicken from dinner, leftovers are perfect for the lunchbox.

  9. Hummus, cucumber and ham
    Using hummus, cream cheese or similar is a great way to assist the wrap sticking together!

  10. Beans and rice
    Make it like a burrito with avocado/guacamole, black beans, cooked rice and grated cheese.

I hope these have given you lots of ideas and inspiration for trying wraps in your kids lunchbox! If you give any of these a go or find your own delicious wrap filling combination, I’d love for you to tag me over on Instagram or Facebook so I can see!

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