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About Us



To help all Australian families to make lunchbox packing and meal time with kids easier and more fun, through the use of high quality, cleverly designed products.


About Us


Hi and welcome to Adventure Snacks! 

I'm Tracey, mum of 2 boys (one school-aged, and one toddler) and owner of this business.  I started Adventure Snacks in 2014 when my eldest was 2.  I created my own range of organic real-food baking mixes after being super frustrated with the lack of nutritious options for kids at the time.


Over the past few years the business has evolved (as our family grew!).  In 2018 I made the tough decision to stop making my baking mixes - there are now a lot more quality options on the market, and running a food business with a baby was certainly a challenge!


My focus shifted to supplying products that I love, which also helped to make lunchbox packing easier and meal time more fun.  I found that it was easier to give my kids healthy, non-packaged food when we had the right 'tools' on hand to help.  By making food fun, kids are more likely to be open to trying new things.


Tracey and Boys


I’m a mum of 2 boys so I know what it’s like to feed kids. Let’s just say some days are more successful than others


I have found that having great quality, cleverly designed products can help make the process of packing school lunchboxes and family meal times so much easier and more enjoyable (for all of us!).


I’ve curated a selection of products which are all excellent quality, and loved by mums all over the world. Will you be next?


We have lunchboxes from the most popular brands, stainless steel drink bottles, accessories such as cute cutters, insulated lunch bags, reusable straws, as well as a few things for parents - coz why should the kids have all the fun!  You’ll find reusable insulated coffee cups, smoothie cups, stainless steel containers and more; the perfect accompaniment to your busy life.

Make sure you browse through our range, and we would love to see photos of your purchases - tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share!


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