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Silicone Tableware

Silicone Tableware for Kids

Silicone tableware is a fantastic addition to your mealtimes for babies, toddlers & kids alike. Silicone bibs, cups, bowls and plates are odourless and resistant to bacteria and mould. These highly durable products will not break if accidentally dropped (or thrown!) from the highchair or table. 

Silicone Bibs

We stock the very popular Little Ray Lane silicone bibs in a variety of colours. These bibs include a large open ''bowl'' at the bottom to catch spills and mess, plus they are easy to roll up and pop in your nappy bag. Little Woods silicone bibs come in a handy two pack and are soft and comfortable to wear. 

Buy Silicone Tableware

Our beautiful brands that create silicone bibs, silicone plates, cups & bowls, silicone placemats, silicone straws and more includes:

Little Ray Lane

Little Woods

We Might Be Tiny




Wild Indiana


Zero Waste People