Sushi Sandwich Recipe

Do your kids love sushi and want an easy way to make it for school lunches? When we shared this recipe on Instagram everyone loved it!

It's such an easy way to make Sushi at home without the rolling for hours.

Simply place your cooked and prepared sushi rice on your seaweed sheet. 

Top with your favourite sushi fillings, we’ve used canned tuna mixed with furikake seasoning, kewpie mayo and cucumber. 

Top with a bit more rice, then fold in the corners of the seaweed to make a little parcel. You can put some water on the corners of the seaweed to help hold it together

Cut it in half or leave it whole and enjoy! 💚

Tips to make it easy:

- All these ingredients can be purchased from Woolies or Coles (or you can go and support their local independent Asian grocer)

- You can double-wrap it in seaweed if your first attempt tears or isn’t quite contained 🤭

- Fill it with any fillings you like, classic sushi favourites or something a bit different!

- You need to use Sushi rice. Just bring 1c sushi rice and 1 1/4C water to boil in a pot, cover and turn to low for 12 minutes, let stand for 10minutes, sprinkle with sushi seasoning then let cool to room temperature before using 🙌🏼

We’ve packed today’s Sushi in our 5 compartment silicone container. It’s the perfect size for my own lunches and my teenager. I like to make two days of lunches at once and store in the fridge 👏🏼

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