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Sinchies Cleaning Brush

Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Pouches

Make cleaning your Sinchies pouches a breeze with this handy cleaning brush!

Tip: Twist the brush around once in the reusable food pouch to get into the sides. When cleaning, the twisting motion helps to remove any bits down the bottom of the pouch. 
A range of brushes to clean Sinchies pouches have been tested and this is what the majority of customers voted for. They absolutely love how well this one cleans their pouches!  Using one of these brushes makes cleaning your pouches a cinch.
  • The big brush on one end is great for general cleaning.
  • The nipple brush on the other end is perfect for cleaning the spout and any nooks and crannies
  • The awesome suction base, a handy little accessory so the brush can easily stand up on your kitchen bench allowing all the bristles to air dry nicely


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