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Gingerberry Convertible Cup - The One Cup

 These clever 3-in-1 cups from Gingerberry are designed to adapt as children grow, saving you the need to purchase multiple products as your little one transitions through different stages of development.


The One Cup has 3 individual functions: 

  1. Sippy cup with non-spill spout
  2. Cup with non-spill straw
  3. Snack container with soft grab-through lid 


Cost effective and convenient

Saving you money and time as you won’t need to purchase multiple products. The One Cup easily converts between its different functions. Everything you need is included in the box, so you won’t need to worry about sourcing different parts. 

Unique designs for small hands 

The One Cup is smooth and comfortable, perfect for small hands. Designed with a non-central straw position which will naturally encourage children to hold the cup correctly. Featuring a straw cover that retracts into the lid, keeping the cover completely out of the way when children have a sip.

Easy to clean

Straws and cups can be a pain to clean – we’ve been there. You’ll find The One Cup easy to clean (and to keep clean) with the wide diameter straw and straw tube.



Materials / Parts included:

  • Mug base (240ml / 8fl oz) (material: PP)
  • Lid with retractable spout/straw cover (material: PP)
  • Removable handles
  • Non-spill spout (material: silicone)
  • Non-spill straw (material: silicone)
  • Flexible grab-through lid 
  • Lower straw 
  • Replacement/spare silicone spout and straw included
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalate free

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