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Little Ray Lane Silicone Suction Bowl + Lid

A handy silicone suction bowl and lid, perfect for babies and toddlers!

This collection comes to you after many months of trialling different options in their own home, and they are confident it will make family meal times happier!

Little Ray Lane silicone tableware is highly durable, it is odourless and resistant to bacteria and mould. It is completely free from toxic nasties found in lower grade products, it is BPA Free and 100% food safe.

The game changers;

  • Includes bowl and lid
  • Lids are air tight but not leak proof
  • Bowls measure 11.5cm diameter and are 4.5cm deep.
  • Microwave Safe
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven Safe to 200°C
  • Freezer Safe to -40°C

Suction works best on a clean, smooth surface. Press the centre of the bowl down to release any air for the best suction. Oils or grime will deter suction.

Best suction rated on the smooth plastic Ikea, Kmart & Target Highchairs. Glass, stone or polished timber dining tables or kitchen counters also work great. Rough plastic or grainy, porous timbers are not ideal for air tight suction.

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