Yumbox Tapas Interchangeable Tray

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The Yumbox Tapas is a new larger sized bento lunchbox. Designed for adults and big kids alike, this new Yumbox makes it possible for anyone to pack a nutritionally balanced meal in minutes!


Need a spare tray for your Yumbox Tapas?  We have one for you!


They are fully interchangeable with the Yumbox Tapas 4 or Yumbox Tapas 5 compartment exterior case.  So you could have one outer case and one of each style tray - it's like having 2 different lunchboxes!


Note these trays are NOT interchangeable for use with the Yumbox Original or Panino as they are a different size. 


Yumbox is sold with a tray included; this is an extra tray for at-home use or as a handy spare. Fits Yumbox Tapas outer case only.

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